Pirq Caramel Coffee Snack Replacement Shake with Plant Protein, Good Fats From Almonds, and the powerful superfoods, Curcumin, and Maca.
Pirq 4 Pack Box with 4 11 fl oz bottles
Pirq Caramel Coffee Snack Replacement Shake Nutrition Facts and Ingredients, 110 Calories, 5 Grams Healthy Fats, 12 Grams Plant Protein, 1 Gram Net Carbs, Zero Added Sugar
What's Inside Ingredients Pirq Snack Replacement Shake, Plant Protein, Almonds, Superfoods, Curcumin, Maca
Pirq Snack Replacement Shake Attributes Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Zero Added Sugar, Keto
Pirq About Us Story Of How Brand Was Created By Founder Minal Bhakta with Turmeric, Curcumin, and Maca

Caramel Coffee

1 case - 4 Bottles

We won’t tell if you cheat on your morning cup with this velvety smooth flavor. A satisfying blend of cold brew coffee and a touch of caramel you’ll want to reach for again and again.

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What Is Pirq?

Smooth, creamy, and delicious – Pirq is a drinkable snack with a perfect balance of energizing plant protein, powerful superfoods, and healthy fats. With only 110 calories and no added sugar, it's great to enjoy as a snack, with your meals, before or after workouts, or whenever you want to feel your best.

how to use pirq

add to your meals

With only 110 calories and no added sugar, Pirq is delicious and nutritious to drink with your meals.

Anytime Snack

Packable, snackable, and goes wherever you go, Pirq is the perfect pick-me-up in-between your meals.

Pre/Post Workout

Plant protein, healthy fats, and powerful superfoods make Pirq ideal for your toughest workouts.

Add To Smoothies

Add it to your overnight oats, smoothies or desserts for indulgent nutrition.

Benefits of Pirq

12g plant protein

High quality plant protein from peas and brown rice.


The proven anti-inflammatory superpower from Turmeric.


The premier superfood of Incan warriors, and preferred by elite athletes.

5g Healthy Fats

5g of heart healthy good fats from California Almonds.

1g Net Carbs

Only 1g Net Carbs and Zero Added Sugar in each bottle.


Plant Powered and Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free.


All natural ingredients. No artificial sweeteners or synthetic vitamins.


Ready-to-drink and perfect for on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use pirq?

Pirq does not need any preparation besides a good shake and is best served chilled. Pirq does not need to be refrigerated, and is perfectly packable to take on the go.

When Can I Drink Pirq?

Pirq can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, especially when you are on the go! With only 110 calories and no added sugar, Pirq can become a great part of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as your pre/post workout. Also it is perfect for a little afternoon pick-me-up or an evening treat to satisfy that indulgent craving.

How long does pirq last?

Unopened Pirq bottles are great for 12 months from manufacturing. All Pirq bottles have an expiration (‘Enjoy By’) date printed on top of the bottle (Month/Day/Year). Once you’ve opened your bottle, please refrigerate and drink within 2-3 days.