Our unopened pirq bottles are safe to store at room temperature. pirq tastes best when cold, so we recommend refrigerating and giving it a good shake before consumption.

Once opened, we recommend refrigerating pirq beverages and consuming within 2-3 days.

a. pirq beverages are meant to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, especially when you are on the go! With only 110 calories and no added sugar, pirq beverages can become a great part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Also perfect for a little afternoon pick-me-up or an evening treat to satisfy that indulgent craving.

b. pirq beverages can also double as a great base for smoothies and overnight oats. Share your creations with us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest!

We recommend consuming pirq beverages by the enjoy by date stamped on the bottle. The shelf-life of each 11oz.bottle of pirq is one year from the manufacturing date.

Several of our amazing ingredients such as cocoa powders, proteins, and superfoods may settle at the bottom over time. Shaking your pirq beverage before serving helps maintain a delicious and enjoyable experience. So, go on, give it a little shake!

All pirq plant protein and superfood shakes are Made In The USA.

We believe in only using non-GMO ingredients. Pirq is also vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and OU Kosher. Bonus - no added sugar!

Pirq is gluten free.

Our mighty almonds are sourced from the great sunny state of California.

There is 0 grams of sugar in each 11oz. bottle of Pirq. There is no added sugar of any kind in Pirq. We only use a non-GMO, plant-based sweetener - stevia.

1 -2 - 3!!! 3 Points!

Yes! pirq contains only 3-5g Net Carbs, with 0g sugar. We do not add any type of sugars either. Oh what else??? 5 grams of good fats from almonds!

Yes, all three flavors are OU (Orthodox Union) Certified Kosher.

Yes, pirq beverages are diabetic-friendly as they do not contain any added sugars of any kind. Bonus? No artificial sweeteners and only 110 calories!

Dipotassium phosphate is a mineral that is a form of potassium used as a buffer, so our amazing ingredients do not separate in our beverages.

Yes, the outer 12 pack box as well as Pirq Tetra Pak bottles and caps are recyclable.

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Pirq does not accept returns or exchanges as we are a food item. If you have any issues with your pirq experience, please give us a chance to address your concern by contacting us directly.

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