Rooted in Goodness

We believe in transparency—and flavor!—so we’re honest about what’s inside every bottle of Pirq. All of our ingredients and sweeteners are Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, and certified Kosher.

What's Inside

12g Plant Protein

High quality plant protein from peas and brown rice.


The proven anti-inflammatory superpower from Turmeric.


The premier superfood of Incan warriors, and preferred by elite athletes.

Healthy Fats

5g of heart healthy good fats from California Almonds.

Zero Added Sugar

No added sugars, syrups, or artificial sweeteners.
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plant protein

Our plant protein comes from two highly nutritional sources with lots of extra perks: Peas, the protein-packed orb we often overlooked as children, and brown rice, the long-grained whole grain that’s bountiful and beneficial. Together they give every Pirq planet-friendly, vegan-approved protein that sustains you throughout your day.


From the lands of California and straight to your heart, almonds are a do-it-all wonder seed. Easy to love for taste alone, they get their signature creamy, nutty flavor from a bundle of poly- and monounsaturated fats aka the “healthy fats.” Filling and full of vitamins, they’re good as a snack but even better in Pirq. There’s truly nothing they can’t do. 


The superfood before superfoods, maca has been grown in the mountains of Peru for thousands of years and revered just as long for its revitalizing reputation. Maca itself is cruciferous like its cousin kale, but its root contains all the goodness. Edible and earthy, it’s believed to lend natural energy and stamina to everyone from Incan Warriors to modern day athletes—including you when you pick up any flavor of Pirq. 


Turmeric. Whether you cook with it or take it as a supplement, the real magic of this herb comes from curcumin. Thought to be digestion-friendly and anti-inflammatory, curcumin has been used as a healing remedy for literal centuries—and it’s also the key component responsible for turmeric’s rich golden hue. It grows happily in South and Southeast Asia, and then makes its way into every Pirq to help you feel restored and revitalized.

We craft our vanilla flavor from real vanilla and vanilla extract to make every Pirq Golden Vanilla worthy of its name.


Complex, yet simply delicious. We bring together two different types of Cocoa from the Netherlands to make our Decadent Chocolate taste divine.


Morning coffee, but better. Cold Brew Coffee is filtered for less acidity and bolder taste, making our Caramel Coffee flavor an amazing pick-me-up.

cold brew coffee

Natural beats artificial any day—and every day here. Our Natural Flavors are a mix of real cocoa, vanilla, and coffee extracts.

natural flavors

100% plant-based Stevia and Erythritol give our beverages a touch of sweetness and zero calories.

stevia & erythritol

A simple ingredient with impressive flavor-balancing skills, Sea Salt is also a natural preservative to keep our beverages fresh.

sea salt

Power to the pod—in this case, carob pods. They give us Locust Bean Gum, which we use to make our beverages thick and creamy.

locust bean gum

Like a solar-powered blender, soy-free Sunflower Lecithin brings all our ingredients together for a smooth, creamy texture.

sunflower lecithin

Plant-based, vegan-friendly, and Whole 30-compliant Gellan Gum takes our beverages from liquid to shake-like delight.

gellan gum

Don’t be scared by its scientific name; this form of potassium helps our ingredients stay together and keeps every beverage smooth.

dipotassium phosphate

What’s not to love? When you start with plant proteins, powerful superfoods, and healthy fats, you know you’re in for something good. From there, every ingredient comes from nature to simply enhance, amplify, and smooth-ify the delicious flavors and nourishing powers of every Pirq. In other words, everything that goes into it gives you something wonderful back.